Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback

Conor Marren, Actor- Audience

“Your show brought alive the sense of now. The choice to dance at times without the music made by the violin, but only with the quiet music of your feet and breath was powerful, unique and so truthfully real that I could not help but feel free of time and connected with the present, a oneness that some may seek through meditation or other practices.

The blind walk down the staircase was worth the ticket alone. When Laura appeared on stage she was so present that the word ‘Brave’ came strongly to mind. Powerful. Elegant, with the evident grace of a ballerina and the purest expression of spontaneity, continually reinventing itself as if connected to the Earth for constant, effortless, inspiration- this show is one I will gladly never forget.”


Carolyn Donnelly, Audience

“I really enjoyed the show last night and Laura Sarah’s performance was mesmerising. I think the Boys School space was utilised beautifully. Being asked to close our eyes on entering the space and following the rope to our seats was an amazing experience, it really honed in on the sense of the unknown and also what it must be like for someone who is visually impaired…this is what they experience every day of their lives. I loved the idea of the tin foil on the seat, this created a unique sound in itself when anybody moved. Great ideas, great show.”


Kate Stephens, Dancer- Audience

“Laura has a clear channel through her body and a capacity to express articulately with movement the multi-sensory experiences of being. There were moments in this piece that seemed to me to embody acutely the sound that was present, I felt as though I could watch the sound in her.

The quality of her performance is powerfully present with great honesty and clear of any masks. It is as though she has worked to clear a direct line from her perceptions to her expression, resulting in a pure communication to her audience of that unnamable sense — the parts and the whole simultaneously, the
unaffected statement of a present experience in the language of movement.”


Emma Dorothy Conley, Visual Artist- Audience

“It was beautiful, ethereal and very evocative. I loved it.”


Audrey Gleeson, Singer- Audience

“I am so glad I went to see Running Blind! I enjoyed ever moment, from the lead-in to the very end. It was such an experience. I felt so moved by Laura’s performance. Laura you were born to dance.”


Michael, Duffy, Actor- Audience

“Running Blind is an experiential masterpiece that attacks the senses even before you take your seat. As an audience member you make an entrance befitting of a performer, as you are journeyed via your thoughts, actions and feelings to your vantage point.

You are then drawn into a world one could never truly experience…..and….. as your own world is almost forgotten, Laura Sarah, draws you even further in, to a place where sight and sound doesn’t exist.

These challenges, of senses denied, are some peoples reality and are impossible to comprehend, yet the performance changes that limiting belief and asks you…makes you ….at least try to understand those things….and if you fail…at least you know that Laura Sarah is filling a void on your behalf…… and for the rest of us too, ……..for which I thank her profusely.”

Robert Coleman, Collaborating Artist

‘It was an absolute pleasure to work on the Running Blind project and to be part of the committed and professional team that Laura has built around her.

At the core of the work is a uniquely provocative theme based on real experiences with real people, serving as the perfect springboard for me and other artists involved. As well as that, an immense attention to detail and a collective will to experiment resulted in a truly collaborative and fascinating experience, allowing me to grow as an artist.’