Verbally guided, inclusive movement class.


Accessible to everyone with hearing, you do not need to watch a sreen or see any demonstration of the movements – all is verbally guided by Laura Sarah Dowdall – movement specialist working with people who are blind, deafblind and have visually loss since 2015.

Open to all level of movement experience- beginners and experienced movers will gain from these soothing movement practices that are based on Feldenkreis, Hanna Somatics, Developmental movement practices and inspired by contemporary dance.

Wednesdays 8pm (Dublin/London) GMT

Ongoing weekly classes work a different theme and body part each week to keep your weekly practice inspired.

Somatic Movement focuses on restoring neurological ease, balance, harmony and relaxation to the body and mind.
Through somatic movement you will recover dexterity, fluidity and lightness in your body.

Somatic movement reduces the impact of ageing on the body. It rewires and reconnects parts of our brain and body that have lost agility over time and improves cognitive functioning, mental clarity and memory.

These nourishing weekly classes will help you to:

+ Release Stress Tension, Pain and Trauma
+ Feel more relaxed & improve sleep quality
+ Support your needs and emotional wellbeing
+ Enhance your fluidity, grace and ease of movement,
+ Improve Posture, Increase your energy levels
+ Support your physical, cognitive, and neurological health
+ Nourish you with good energy and positive outlook
+ Feel more balanced and grounded

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“I have learned to be in my heart and come out of my head. I feel connected, earthed. This was more than I expected. A very powerful experience benefitting soul and body.” (Adrianna)

“Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Freeing, Beautiful, Full of Love. Laura is incredibly gifted and very inspiring. This was pure joy! For anyone wanting to feel free!”

“I feel strength and so much love and gratitude for this rediscovery of my body. It feels like something was re-opened. My body feels free, alive, connected, rested, earthed, creative, wondrous and delightful!” (Niamh)

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