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Running Blind
Laura Sarah Dowdall

Performance 25 & 26th August – Rua Red, Black Box
Three performances daily; duration: 50 min. 

Laura Sarah Dowdall, Dancer in Residence at Rua Red, shares the next evolution in her Running Blind series of work. This performance explores dance as a visceral dialogue of the senses, extending its performance beyond visual form, making its experience inclusive and unique to each participant.

This work questions the filters through which we experience our world – how do we perceive, interpret and interact with our environment and each other? What is it to see differently and what do we have to gain?



Previous Performances

Running Blind-RafaelKostrzewa-5

Running Blind was invited to perform as part of Smock Allies: Scene + Heard Festival in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, March 2016.

Scene + Heard is a festival of new work across a variety of arts genres. It provides a chance for artists to test an excerpt of previously unseen work or new ideas / formats in front of a live audience in order to get feedback before mounting and staging full length productions.

Performances took place on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd March, lasting 40min, as part of a double bill.


2016 Production Trailer: