Workshop Feedback

Feedback from participants with vision-loss to-date has been that they felt more confident in themselves after the workshops and that their spatial awareness, listening through their senses (especially through their feet) drastically improved and supported their day to day experiences.


Here is a video of personal feedback from a 2017 participant, Barry O’Donnell, who lost his vision in an accident and following this is a trailer of a 2017 workshop programme:

Participant Quotes from post-workshop focus group discussion:

* “I thought dance was impossible, these workshops have made the impossible possible”

* “Now I understand that listening is not just with your ears but your whole body”

* “I can feel the world through my feet”

* “I deepened my understanding of touch as a form of communication”

* “I experienced a universal language”

* “We are all equal here”

* “I learnt concrete tools for communicating in a new way”

* “It has broadened my horizons”

* “..Allowed me to express myself and be more self-confident”

* “..Expanded my comfort zone”

* “It challenged my assumptions”

* “ It broke down psychological barriers”

Read about participant experience in the 2018 workshop programme here in the cover story of the Irish Independent’s Health & Living Supplement- by clicking here!