Training Programs

Inclusive Dance training programs are delivered in Dance Universities, to teams, schools, communities, and organisations over a four-day workshop or six-week program.

Bespoke to your needs, each training will address and support the key priorities of your organisation.

Training programs have been delivered to health care providers, social care workers, key-workers in residential supported living settings.

Inclusive Dance Programs incorporate:

  • Grounding, Sensory Awareness
  • Movement for Wellbeing
  • Authentic Movement Practices
  • Dance of Description
  • Informed Touch
  • Haptic Comm: Trio Mapping, Body Story, Spatial Scores
  • Partner work: Listening, Lead:Follow
  • Creative Expression
  • Contact Improv, Group Scores
  • Developmental Movement, Floor work
  • Somatic movement, Brain Body connection

Click to see a video of extracts from an Inclusive dance training in 2023!!

Why Movement?

  • 1st language as children, developmental movement influences our future potential & helps us regain innate skills of dexterous child 
  • Stimulate brain through movement: neuroplasticity – new pathways to greater ease, agility, responsive reflexes, efficiency of energy
  • Learning: curiosity, sense of achievement, positive emotion 
  • Prevents neuromuscular amnesia, cognitive deterioration
  • Movement educates sensory-motor cortex to recover innate abilities for greater neuromuscular coordination
    • tension, anxiety + pain relief
    • clarity,  energy, enthusiasm for Life
    • when we improve musculature we improve mood


  • Physical: Range of Motion, Strength, Balance, Proprioception, Spacial Awareness, Coordination
  • Cognitive health: Soothes the Nervous System, Somatic Movement, Developmental Movement Patterns, Floorwork, Brain-Body Tasks
  • Social, Relational: Connection, Care + Community, Immune health, Longevity, Positive outlook
  • Creative Expression: Destress, Self Understanding, Empathy, Support 
  • Self Confidence + Agency – equality in leadership + care 
  • Adaptability: Change partner, Group work, Openness to new tasks

Emotional + Mental Wellbeing:

  • Touch is soothing, regulating, stimulates endorphins
  • Contact creates relation, supports vagal tone, resonance + empathy key to healthy fulfilling relationships, social skills ( isolation, loss of relationships)
  • Partnering requires care, support, leading : following
  • Outlet for stress, anxiety, unspoken expressed through movement
  • Improves Mood, Energy levels, Resilience
  • Grounding, Present moment, Embodied
  • Resourced through our awareness- proprioceptive, kinaesthetic, auditory, spatial sensitivity – supports practical self-care and physical safety
  • Empowers, Confidence, Resilience
  • Non goal oriented, freedom, open possibility, novel, creative health > routine, practical safety 

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